Silhouette paper cutter

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A Brief History of Silhouettes

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Silhouette Cutters

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5 Stencil Ideas using Contact Paper and a Silhouette

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting Silhouette CAMEO cutting tool is {finally} here!!! Let’s get the Cameo crafting party started, shall we?! I am so excited to show off the new features and options the Cameo offers compared to previous Silhouette digital cutting tools.

Sticker paper - The Silhouette sticker paper allows you to easily print anything you want and then cut it out using your Silhouette machine to create your own custom stickers, labels or when cutting small letters so you don't have to use glue to adhere them to your scrapbook, card or other paper.

Hygloss Black Silhouette Paper

My first attempt to cut appliqué shapes with my Silhouette Cameo cutter was a disaster! Since that time I have discovered a formula that is working very successfully, so I’d like to share that formula with you. Settings for Silhouette Cameo when cutting contact paper. (I did speed of 5, thickness of 3, set the blade a 1 and double cut) and it by bangsberry on Paper cuttings originated in the ’s and is the modern precursor to the photograph.

Search Results for Silhouettes Silhouette-like images can be found among Stone Age cave paintings. BOTH Cricut and Silhouette machines can cut similar materials like vinyl, paper, and cardstock. They’re both excellent tools for creating personalized gifts, cups, t-shirts, home decor signs, organizing labels, party supplies, paper crafts, and so much more!

Silhouette paper cutter
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Silhouettes - Paper Cutters and Silhouette Artists from around the World