Susan smith write a prisoner

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Smith Put On Suicide Watch For Day After Son's Birthday

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US v. Susan Smith, No. 08-4333 (4th Cir. 2008)

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Susan Smith is an American convict accused of killing her two sons, Michael and Alexander, in November, Originally claiming that her car had been hijacked, Smith ultimately confessed to her culpability mere days after her arrest.

Susan Smith was put back under a suicide watch in prison for a day after the birthday of one of her two murdered sons. - Prison Pen Pals/Write a Prisoner

She got a ''completely bare cell, paper gown, fireproof blanket, nothing to. Foreword. Norwood's Centennial Committee. Centennial Ceremonies. Early Land History. Norwood's Founders. James Symonds. JULY Susan Smith, the South Carolina woman who killed her two boys by driving her auto into a lake while the children slept in their car seats, has placed an online personal ad seeking pen.

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Susan smith write a prisoner
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